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About Us

What we do

Bioptica are leading specialists in laser safety.

We provide independent and cost-effective services in laser safety covering industry, telecommunications, the medical & cosmetic sectors, research & development, and in all other areas where lasers are used.

We offer comprehensive support, practical advice and high-quality training to users of laser equipment and to manufacturers of laser products.

We carry out safety audits, risk assessments and policy reviews.

We help those who work with lasers to understand the hazards and to implement appropriate safety controls and procedures.

We help manufacturers of laser products to classify their products and to comply with international safety requirements.

In addition to lasers, we can also advise on more general issues of light safety, covering high-brightness lamps and other sources of optical radiation. We can assess the hazards, give advice on safety, and determine the protective measures that may be needed.

Who we are

Bioptica has been providing laser safety support, training services and compliance advice to manufacturers and users of laser equipment since 1990. The company was founded by Roy Henderson, an international consultant in laser safety.

Roy Henderson

Roy Henderson

Roy is a graduate in Physics and has followed a career in the application of optics and laser technology in both the industrial and medical sectors. He has been involved in the safety of laser technology for over 20 years and is actively engaged in the development of international safety standards. In addition to his participation on national BSI committees he is also Chairman of the European CENELEC committee for the safety of laser equipment (CLC/TC76), he sits on the international IEC/TC76 laser safety committee where he is the Convenor of the eye protection Working Group, and he is also the Project Leader of ISO/TC94/SC6 for laser eye protection.

Roy is accredited in the UK as a Laser Protection Adviser (LPA), covering both medical and non-medical applications. He has written two books on laser safety (one as co-author) and is a founding member and was the first Chairman of the UK’s Association of Laser Safety Professionals (ALSP), an organization formed in 2004 to promote professional standards in the provision of safety advice and to grant accreditation to suitably qualified experts.

Roy provides training across a wide range of industrial and commercial companies, for research organizations, for the NHS and for private laser clinics, particularly those involved in eye surgery. In addition to running laser safety courses throughout the UK and in Europe, including the training of LPAs, he has participated in US-based courses and has given training in China and Malaysia. He is a consultant to Rockwell Laser Industries Inc (RLI) in the US, with whom he is involved in the provision of safety training, the development of e-learning courses and the safety compliance of laser equipment. He has given numerous presentations on various aspects of laser safety at both UK and international meetings, and he was one of four lecturers in the first training video produced by the British Medical Laser Association.

Roy has regularly served on the Advisory Board for the International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC) and in 2013 he was presented with the R. James Rockwell Educational Achievement Award by the Laser Institute of America for significant contributions in laser safety education.

How we work

Bioptica welcomes enquiries from both users and manufacturers of laser equipment. We will gladly discuss your requirements with you without obligation. We will explain what we can do and what this will cost. For many of our services, including training courses, we have standard fees. Please ask for details.

You will receive a friendly, efficient and professional service from us. As members of both the Institute of Physics and the Association of Laser Safety Professionals we adhere to high standards of professional conduct and business ethics. We will always apply our best endeavours on your behalf.

For expert advice, consultancy support and high-quality training in laser safety, talk to Bioptica