Professional Support in Laser Safety

Laser Safety Training Courses

We are experienced providers of professional training in laser safety. Our courses are designed to increase awareness of laser hazards and to explain the use of protective controls and safety procedures. Training can be given on-site at your premises and be individually tailored to meet your particular needs.

Established in 1990, Bioptica is one of the leading suppliers of laser safety training in the UK and we have also provided training elsewhere in Europe, in the United States and in Asia. We have extensive experience of laser technology in industrial, medical and scientific applications and are actively engaged in the development of worldwide safety standards.

The training we provide is based on international standards of laser safety. We have a policy of continuously updating our training courses, which regularly receive high ratings in feedback from participants. Discussion is encouraged, questions welcomed, and the courses are carefully structured to take people systematically through the required material. A full set of course notes is provided to all participants.

Please see below for further details of our on-site courses:

On-site Laser Safety Training Courses

Laser Safety Awareness (half-day)
This course provides basic training in the form of a clear but largely non-technical overview. It is intended for those who work with lasers and for others involved in safety management who need to know the essential issues of laser safety, the kind of hazards that lasers can present, the meaning of the hazard classification scheme for laser equipment and the safety precautions that should be followed.

'Core of Knowledge' for Lasers in Healthcare (half-day)
The ‘Core of Knowledge’ provides laser safety training for those involved in using laser equipment for surgery (including ophthalmic procedures) and in related applications for the treatment of disease, disorder or injury. It is based on the training syllabus defined in DB2008 (Guidance for the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems & LEDs in medical, surgical, dental & aesthetic practices) issued by the UK’s Medical & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Those working in non-surgical aesthetic applications should visit Bioptica Laser Aesthetics Ltd

Laser Safety Insight Course (1 day)
This is the ‘benchmark’ laser safety training course for those working in industrial, scientific and other technological applications, and is suitable for those (including Laser Safety Officers, engineers and researchers) who, in addition to basic safety issues, need a more detailed understanding of the requirements of the safety standards, the process of risk assessment and the methods of hazard control.

Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS) Course for Lasers in Healthcare (1 day)
This course is intended for Laser Protection Supervisors who are responsible for the safety of Class 3B or Class 4 laser equipment in medical, surgical, dental or cosmetic applications. In addition to covering the material included in the half-day Core of Knowledge course, it provides more detailed training in the management of laser equipment and laser controlled areas, in quality assurance procedures and in the supporting documentation required.

One-to-one Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Tutorial (1 day)
This individual training opportunity is unique, and has the flexibility to focus on the particular issues of relevance to the organisation concerned and to the individual LSO involved. By using an informal one-to-one format, the tutorial can cover aspects that are usually only included in a longer course. During the tutorial we can also look at the laser activities on site and review the in-house safety procedures. This Tutorial has helped many small companies to achieve cost-effective training of their LSO and to implement an effective programme of safety management.

Advanced Laser Safety Training Courses (both two and three day courses available)
Our more advanced courses cover laser safety issues in greater detail, including quantitative aspects of hazard assessment. We are one of the very few organisations to offer laser safety training at this level. These longer courses are intended for those (including Laser Safety Officers, Laser Protection Advisers and product design engineers) who undertake safety assessments, system classification or critical analyses of laser hazards, and need to understand the requirements of the safety standards in more depth.

Please contact us for training advice, to book a training course or to discuss your laser safety training needs in more detail.