Professional Support in Laser Safety

Laser Safety Adviser (LPA) services

The safe use of lasers requires an evaluation of all the hazards, an assessment of the risks and the implementation of appropriate safety procedures. If you use lasers, Bioptica can help.

We provide safety advice and consultancy support as an accredited Laser Safety Adviser. Roy Henderson, Bioptica’s founder, is certificated as an LPA by the Association of Laser Safety Professionals, a professional body recognized by the Healthcare Commission. His accreditation covers both medical (including cosmetic) and non-medical laser applications.

With extensive experience in the use of lasers in industrial, telecommunication and commercial environments, in medical and cosmetic applications, and in R&D, the range of Bioptica’s expertise in laser applications combined with our specialised knowledge of laser safety is probably unique.

Expert help

We can carry out a safety audit of your laser facilities and a risk assessment of your laser operations in order to determine the precautions and protective measures that are necessary.

We can check the compliance of your laser equipment against the latest safety standards.

We can draw up a laser safety policy for your organisation and develop safe working procedures (‘local rules’) to ensure effective safety management and the appropriate control of all laser hazards.

We can advise on the setting-up of laser controlled areas, confirm whether the use of eye protection is needed, and determine the specification of the eyewear that is required.

We can ensure that your staff are given first-class training in laser safety.

Laser safety in industrial, commercial and research applications

Outside of the healthcare sector (for which additional requirements apply - see below), the safe use of lasers is governed in the UK by general health & safety legislation (the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999). While there is no requirement to register laser equipment, organisations in which lasers are in use must establish appropriate precautions in accordance with relevant safety standards such as PD IEC TR 60825-14 (Safety of laser products – Part 14: A user’s guide), and should seek external advice whenever necessary to enable them to carry out a risk assessment and to meet their legal obligations for establishing a safe place of work. As a certificated Laser Protection Adviser, we can provide you with professional guidance and practical advice whenever you need it.

Laser safety in medicine and surgery

In the healthcare sector, the Care Standards Act requires that all establishments using lasers in Class 3B or Class 4 for surgery (including ophthalmic procedures) and for any other treatment of disease, disorder or injury must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. Such establishments must also follow the guidance given in DB2008 (Guidance for the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems & LEDs in medical, surgical, dental & aesthetic practices) issued by the UK’s Medical & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and must appoint a certificated Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) to assist in undertaking risk assessments, in establishing appropriate local rules and in maintaining a safe environment. If you use lasers in the healthcare sector for medical or surgical applications, we can act as your certificated LPA.

If you use lasers or other intense light sources for aesthetic (non-surgical) treatments, such as in a beauty salon, you also need to appoint an LPA and should visit Bioptica Laser Aesthetics Ltd.

For expert advice on laser safety

If you are seeking guidance on laser safety, if you need a Laser Protection Adviser, if you would like the assurance that the expert you choose is an accredited, experienced professional who is engaged full-time in laser-safety work, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.