Professional Support in Laser Safety

One-day on-site course

This course is intended for Laser Protection Supervisors who are responsible for the use of Class 3B or Class 4 lasers, or intense pulse light (IPL) sources, in medical or cosmetic applications.

It meets the requirements specified in standard P2.1 of the National Minimum Standards for healthcare in England & Wales, and is based on the ‘Core of Knowledge’ defined in the for the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems & LEDs in medical, surgical, dental & aesthetic practices (DB2008) issued by the UK’s Department of Health.

In addition to covering the same material as the half-day Core of Knowledge, the LPS course provides more detailed training in the management of laser equipment and laser controlled areas, in quality assurance issues and in the supporting documentation required.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • the characteristics of light and laser emission
  • the use of lasers and intense light in medical and healthcare applications
  • the effect of light on human tissue
  • laser hazards to the eyes and the skin
  • human exposure limits
  • other hazards of laser equipment
  • safety requirements, standards and guidelines
  • hazard classification and the meaning of warning labels
  • equipment management
  • principles of risk assessment
  • safety responsibilities
  • laser and IPL controlled areas
  • safety control procedures
  • use and care of eye protection
  • quality assurance procedures
  • responding to accidents and other adverse incidents
  • record keeping and safety management

The cost of this on-site one-day course is £1125 plus VAT*.

*There will be an additional charge to cover the expenses involved in visiting your premises. This will be based on the mileage from our office in Cambridge and on any necessary overnight accommodation. We will be happy to provide you with a firm quotation, inclusive of all expenses, for presenting this on-site course.

The cost covers the preparation of the course (which we can adapt to suit your particular laser application), the supply of course notes (in printed form or on CD), course certificates (if required) and our attendance on-site to deliver this training.

We recommend that for maximum effectiveness the course be limited to no more than ten people. Where numbers exceed ten we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to cover the extra numbers and the additional material supplied. Please ask us to quote.

To arrange for this course to be given at your premises or to discuss your training needs in more detail, please contact us at:

St John’s Innovation Park
Cowley Road

Tel: 07766 591085
Fax: 01223 420844

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