Professional Support in Laser Safety

One-day, on-site, one-to-one training

We believe this training is unique! Many LSOs need training to support them in their role, but find that general off-site courses, presented to a mixed group of people having widely differing backgrounds, can fail to meet their expectations.

Our individual LSO training, tailored to suit your needs and given at your premises in an informal one-to-one tutorial style, can cover much of the material included in a longer course, but at a pace and at a level that suits the individual concerned. Visual aids are used, but we can also look together at the safety standards and other documents, and in addition review and discuss the way that lasers are being used at your premises.

LSOs who have undertaken this tutorial have found it a very effective way of developing their knowledge and understanding.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • introduction to lasers
  • the characteristics of light and the properties of laser radiation
  • laser hazards to the eyes and the skin
  • other hazards of laser equipment
  • laser safety standards, requirements and guidelines
  • the classification of laser products and equipment
  • Laser emission and exposure limits (AELs and MPEs)
  • hazard evaluation and risk assessment
  • the use of appropriate safety procedures and control measures
  • laser controlled areas
  • LSO responsibilities
  • laser safety management

The cost of this on-site one-day tutorial is £950 plus VAT*.

*There will be an additional charge to cover the expenses involved in visiting your premises. This will be based on the mileage from our office in Cambridge and on any necessary overnight accommodation. We will be happy to provide you with a firm quotation, inclusive of all expenses, for presenting this on-site course.

Please note that this tutorial is intended as a one-to-one training session for an organisation’s LSO. We will, however, allow up to two people (e.g. LSO plus deputy) to attend this tutorial. If you require a one-day laser safety course for a larger group of people, please refer to the information on our one-day Insight course.

To arrange for this course to be given at your premises or to discuss your training needs in more detail, please contact us at:

St John’s Innovation Park
Cowley Road

Tel: 07766 591085
Fax: 01223 420844

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